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How to make this Diwali diabetic- friendly

How to make this Diwali diabetic- friendly

Diwali is incomplete without delicious cuisines, mouthwatering desserts and spicy snacks. This is the time when everyone is ready to cheat their diet plan and enjoy the wonderful taste of different gastronomies but for some, there is no choice! So even if your loved ones must say no to sweets this festival, let them enjoy the sweetness. How? Gift or serve them these sugar free delicacies.

Mithai without Sugar

Sounds strange right??? There are several sugar free sweets available in the market these days keeping in mind the needs of the diabetic sweet lovers.

Badusha: 100% vegetarian and absolutely sugar free, these sweets are extremely delicious and ideal for any patients. Gift this sweet to make Diwali enjoyable for everyone. This traditional sweet recipe contains the goodness of wheat flour and vegetable oil.

Dry Fruit Burfi: This royal recipe is now available for everyone. Ingredients like almonds, cashew nuts, dried figs, pistachios and ghee will not let you feel that you are having dessert without sugar. 

Kaju Kathili: As a rich source of vitamins and low fat, cashew nuts are very good for all the diabetic patients. This 100% sugar free Kaju Kathili not only tastes amazing but also comes with multiple health benefits. So, do not worry, without any hesitation gift this Kaju Kathili to your friends, they will love it.

Sugar Free Butter Cookies: Made with refined wheat flour, hydrogenated vegetable fat and milk solids, Butter cookies is another diabetic friendly option. Filled with vitamins and fiber, these cookies help to balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

Mithai with lesser amount of Sugar 

Now if you are not diabetic but also do not want to consumer more sugar, then these light sugared sweets can be a good option.

Kesari anjeer Roll: Easily available in the market and rich in taste, this Kesari anjeer roll is filled with taste and goodness. Its main ingredient anjeer or fig comes with a natural sweet flavor hence very less amount of sugar is used for its preparation. The sweets are multicolored and decorated with dry fruits like pistachios, almonds and cashew nuts.

Dry Fruit Kalakand: This one is the most favorite and commonly used milk cake for diabetic patents. With the goodness of dry fruits, pineapples and milk these Indian cakes can be the best gift to the elderly family members. 

Ragi Cookies: Rich in nutrients and minerals like iron, Ragi is known to lower blood sugar levels and is an ideal grain for diabetic patients. So bring home happiness with these ragi cookies. When ragi is mixed with butter, refined wheat flour and hydrogenated vegetable fat, a mouthwatering smooth delicacy is produced.


Namkeens are an integral part of Diwali and other Indian festivities. The blend of sweet, salty and tangy taste creates an awesome playfulness in the taste buds. The best part; people suffering from high blood sugar levels can have snacks in limited amount. 

Kaju Chudva:  This crispy and crunchy mixture will make your Diwali evening more interesting then you have ever thought of. Flattened rice improves the digestion power while the cashew nuts add a buttery taste to this namkeen.

Special Kara Boondi: Boondi is normally not advisable for diabetic patients but this kara boondi is perfect as these are filled with almonds, gram flour and turmeric powder; each ingredient is storehouse of minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Vaampoosa: This is a typical Andhra snacks recipe. Made with gram flour, cardamom seeds and sunflower oil, this snack is an ideal companion on festive evenings. Vaampoosa is easily digestible and super crunchy.

Flax Seeds Chili lime: Roasted and dried, the flax seeds are tangy- tasty. This namkeen can be termed as a super- snack, because it adds negligible amount of fat to the body. Mixed with chili flakes, black pepper and lemon, this is just yum!

Now you are the boss, you have variety of options to choose from. Select according to your preference and make this Diwali one of the best for your loved ones. Happy Diwali!!!

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