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How to decorate your home the Diwali-way

How to decorate your home the Diwali-way

Diwali, the Festival of Lights not only illuminates our world but also drives away negativities and delusions. Throughout the world people celebrate this auspicious occasion and decorates their house beautifully to enjoy Diwali. Sweets, crackers, gifts, Rangoli, diyas, lights and most importantly blessings and love of your close ones make this celebration more interesting. Have you ever wondered about the relation between Diwali and home decor or how you should decor the house for this amazing festival?? Don’t get confused, we have all the necessary details that you should know before the preparation of Diwali. According to myths Maha Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth visits every home on the night of Diwali. The home which attracts her most gets her blessings and is bestowed with prosperity and happiness. So surely you don’t want to lose this chance easily. Here are few simple options to add warmth and glow to your sweet home this Diwali. 


Without Rangoli Diwali decoration is incomplete. Be it the pooja ghar or the entrance, décorate the floors with a plethora of colors. There are many types of Rangoli available in the market like the flower shaped, kundan studded, peacock shaped and diya shaped Rangoli.


Apart from decoration, Diya or oil lamp is needed for the Diwali pooja also. As per tradition, people place diya at their windows, doors, pooja ghar and balconies to brighten each corner of their home. A special diya is also kept in front of Goddess Lakshmi and it should be enlightened throughout the night. Peacock hanging diya, brass diya, pair of bird diya, deepam kundulu, Krishna hanging diya are some exquisite oil lamps to choose. These diya will not only decorates your home but also helps to drive away darkness from your life. 

Door Décor

While decorating your home don’t forget to decorate your entrance. You can décor your entrance with multicolored thread paper- mache door hanging, artificial marigold fluffy flower garlands, multicolored throna , hanging door bells , brass door handle pair, brass swastika hanging bells, neembu mirch meena aluminium metal door hanging etc. The entrance to a Diwali- lit home should be inviting.

Handmade toys

Another important Diwali decorative item are handmade toys. These traditional items are very famous and most of the times these toys are based on Indian mythological characters. According to rituals people buy these toys to decorate their pooja ghar during Diwali. These toys are made of wood, clay and shined using lacquer. Etikoppaka and Kondapalli statues like Lord Balaji, Bal- Gopal, Ambari elephant, hut with tree, Meena set with frame, Rama set, Brundavanam set can also be gifted on Diwali.


Diwali is accompanied with Laxmi- Ganesh pooja. The diamond shaped Ganesh idol, sitting Buddha statue, brass Ganesh idol, Lakshmi Mata idol, Dasavathara of Lord Vishnu brass statue set just do not add beauty to your home but also can be used for worship.

So why wait? Make your home Diwali ready with the above mentioned home decorative items.

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