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Himalaya Septilin Tablets & Syrup Health Benefits, Usage, Dosage, Composition, Ingredients

Himalaya Septilin- The Ultimate Immunity Booster

Himalaya Steptilin is a classic herbal potent. Himalaya Herbals is known to follow Ayurvedic principles to manufacture this organic medicine. Regular consumption of this herbal potent can elevate the resistive power of the body against germs. Let’s check out the Himalaya Steptilin uses and side effects below.

Form: Syrup and capsules(Himalaya Septilin drops are also available)

Type: Anti- infective therapy
Gender: Both men and women
Suitable for: Adults and children
Package content: 60 tablets/ 60ml and 200ml bottle


Himalaya Steptilin is a blend of restorative herbs. The key ingredients in this anti-infectant supplement are

Indian Bdellium - This is the scientific name for Guggulu. It is one of the most commonly used herbs in Ayurvedic products. Guggulu is known for its anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can soothe sore throat.

Licorice - Commonly known as Yashtimadhu. It is known to increase the count of white blood cells (macrophage). Licorice is known to be an immuno- stimulation. It is also an expectorant and anti- viral in nature. For all these properties, Licorice is considered as a natural treatment to asthma, chronic cough and acute bronchitis.

Tinospora Gulancha - Popularly termed as Guduchi. This medicinal plant is known to be enriched in anti- microbial and immuno- stimulatory properties. Guduchi can increase the antibody count. It can strengthen the immune system to combat infections.


1 tablespoon (5ml) of Himalaya Septilin Syrup is known to contain

1 tablet of Himalaya Septilin Tablets is known to contain


Himalaya Septilin is generally consumed when suffering from the following symptoms.

  •  Oral infections
  •  Skin infections
  • Ocular infections
  • Soft tissue infections
  • Periodontal infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  •  Joint and bone infections
  • Respiratory tract allergies
  •  Upper and lower respiratory tract infections

Health Benefits:

      Himalaya Septilin is enriched with herbal goodness. This herbo- mineral supplement is known for its immuno-modulatory, anti- microbial, antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties. It ensures overall health of the user. 

Himalaya septilin syrup used for:
  •      Strengthen immunity of the body
  •           Boost the level of antibody forming cells
  •          The anti-pyretic property of the Himalaya Septilin helps to reduce fever
  •      Can reduce respiratory infections which include chronic tonsillitis, nasal catarrh, laryngitis, pharyngitis and chronic bronchitis
  •      Stimulate phagocytosis by activating macrophage (white blood cells). This is the process of elimination of bacteria through ingestion

Regular usage of the supplement can also
  •         Act as a resistance to antibiotic therapy
  •         Act as an adjuvant to anti- infective therapy
  •         Safeguard people who are prone to infections
  •     Assist in recovering from post- operative weakness


Himalaya Septilin should be consumed after consulting an Ayurvedic doctor. Instead of tablets, Himalaya Septilin syrup for babies is considered easier to use. The medicine is generally consumed following the below steps.


Himalaya Septilin usually depends on the health condition of the user. Septilin syrup dose is as follows.

2 table spoon
3 times in a day
Infant (6 months- 1 year)
2 times in a day
Children (1-2 years)
2 times in a day
Children (2-3 years)
2 times in a day
Children (3-4 years)
2 times in a day
Children (4-5 years)
2 times in a day
Children (Above 5 years)
1-2 tablespoon
3 times in a day

About Himalaya

HimalayaHerbal Healthcare is a well-known name in the market of organic wellness and beauty products. The company was founded in 1930. Since then, Himalaya Herbals has combined thousands of years old Ayurveda with modern science. This approach has led to manufacture of high-end organic products which are available in attractive modern packaging.


1.                 Is Himalaya Septilin a sleeping pill?

2.                 What is Septilin syrup?
It is a natural supplement to treat infections. It also acts as an immunity booster

3.                 What are the side effects of Himalaya Septilin?
It is considered safe. Till date no side effects have been reported

4.                 What is the shelf life of Himalaya Septilin?
24 months from the date of manufacture

5.                 What are the precautions to be followed to have
Himalaya Septilin?
Monitor glucose levels

6.                 Should diabetic patients have Himalaya Septilin?
Should be consumed after consulting a physician

7.                 Should pregnant women have Himalaya Septilin?
Pregnant women and ones planning to conceive should consult a physician before having this health supplement

8.                 Should Himalaya Septilin be consumed in empty stomach?

9.                 How to store Himalaya Septilin?
Store at a cool and dry place

10.            Is Himalaya Septilin for swine flu?
No. This health supplement cannot combat swine flu

11.            Can I use Septilin for acne?
The anti- infection property of the supplement can help to reduce acne

12.            Why is Septilinused?
It is a great support against infections. Himalaya Septilin can naturally eliminate respiratory infections. Thus it treats without having any adverse chemical effects on the body

13.            When should a user take Himalaya Septilin if a dose is missed?
It should be taken at the same time the next day

14.            What is the use of Himalaya Septilin?
It is an immunity booster. It can reduce health issues like asthma and sinus

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