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Himalaya Pilex Tablets & Ointment - Benefits, Properties, Usage, Dosage, Composition

Himalaya Pilex Tablets - Powerful Potent for Piles

Himalaya Pilex Tablet is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine. It is considered as a treatment for piles. Himalaya Pilex tablets price is reasonable. Himalaya Pilex tablets hemorrhoid second degree success rate is approximately 66% as per research.

Type: Ayurvedic medicine
Form: Ointment and capsules
Gender: Both men and women
Suitable for: Adults and children
Package content: 60 tablets/ 30g min a plastic table



Pilex Tablet Ingredients:

Himalaya Pilex Tablets contain different herbs. The pharmacological actions of the herbs are
  • Daruhaldi- Is known for antiamebic and antiseptic activities
  • Guggulu- Anti-inflammatory and is known to reduce swelling
  • Neem seed- It is known for its antiseptic and healing properties
  • Amaltas- It comes with astringent and strong purgative properties
  •  Nagkesar- Its astringent and styptic properties are known to treat bleeding piles
  •  Purified Shilajit- Known for its cardiotonic activity. It can eliminate skin diseases
  •  Kanchanara- It is known for its blood purifying and hepatoprotective properties
  •  Amla- Also called Indian gooseberry, it comes with antiviral, antiallergic and antibacterial properties
  • Haritaki- Comes with anti- bacterial and anti- fungal properties. It is known to heal wounds and hemorrhoids
  • Bibhitaki- It is known for its hepatoprotective action. It also comes with laxative and gastroprotective properties


1 tablet of Himalaya Pilex Tablets USA is known to contain


Himalaya Pilex Tablets are enriched with the goodness of herbs. The tablets come with the following properties.
  • Anti- microbial
  • Local analgesic
  • Anti- inflammatory


Himalaya Pilex Tablets can be used in the following indications.
  •          Anal fissures
  •          Internal and external hemorrhoids
  •          Hemorrhoids caused due to pregnancy

Himalaya Pilex Tablets Benefits

Himalaya Pilex Tablets can treat both bleeding and non- bleeding piles, both internal and external hemorrhoids.the tablets are supposed to help only in first degree of piles. Pilex tablets for fissure are considered effective. The key benefits of this all- natural medicine are
  •         Shrinks pile mass
  •         Controls bleeding
  •         Heals mucus membrane
  •         Heals skin inflammation
  •         Combats piles (hemorrhoids)

Regular usage of the supplement can also
  •         Reduce itchiness
  •         Reduce anal pain
  •         Offers relief from different types of pain
  •         Treats constipation caused by hemorrhoid
  •         Act as an adjuvant therapy in varicose veins
  •     Offer symptomatic relief from rectal bleeding


Himalaya Pilex Tablets should be consumed orally. The Himalaya Pilex ointment is applied externally. The Himalaya Pilex tablets and cream should be used simultaneously for speedy recovery from pain and inflammation caused due to hemorrhoid.


2 tablets
2 times in a day
1 tablet
2 times in a day

The maximum possible dose of Himalaya Pilexis 6 tablets in a day.

About Himalaya:

Himalaya Herbals was established in 1930. Mr. M. Manal founded the company. The brand comes with a range of 100% natural and safe wellness, baby care and beauty products. Himalaya combines modern technology with thousands of years old Ayurveda to produce a complete range of proprietary products.

Question & Answers:

1.                What is the Himalaya Pilex Tablets?
These tablets are Ayurvedic formulation whichcan treat pain and inflammation caused by piles

2.                 What is the best medicine for piles?
Himalaya Pilex tablets are considered one of the best Ayurvedic formulations for piles

3.                 Is Pilexointment effective?
Himalaya Pilexointment is a poly- herbal formulation. It is considered extremely effective when consumed along with Himalaya Pilex tablets

4.                 Can pregnant women haveHimalaya Pilex Tablets?
No. It is not recommendable to pregnant ladies

5.                 Can lactating women haveHimalaya Pilex Tablets?
Yes. The medicine is not known to contain any ingredient which can be harmful during lactation

6.                 How long should one consume Himalaya Pilex Tablets?
This medicine can be consumed till there is complete relief from piles. It generally takes 4 to 12 weeks for effective results

7.                 What is the shelf life of Himalaya Pilex Tablets?
It is known to come with a long shelf life of 24 months

8.                 Does Piles cure fissures?
Yes. It is known to shrink fissures

9.                 What are the side effects ofHimalaya Pilex Tablets?
If consumed in recommended dose, the tablets are not known to have any negative effect on the body

10.            Are Himalaya Pilex Tablets for fistula?
Yes. These all- natural capsules are considered an easy remedy to fistula.

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