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The Amazing Health Benefits of Millet

What are Millets?

Millets is one of the underestimated cereals. Millet contains tiny seeds which are the main edible parts of the plant. The best way to define millets are small cereal crops which look like grass seeds. Organic unpolished millets are generally originated and widely used in southern parts of Asia and African Countries. The second region which falls under the list is Africa. These 2 continents produce around 97% of millet in the world.

Health Benefits of Millets:

People are resorting to organic forms of millet like organic unpolished Browntop millet and organic unpolished Foxtail millet because of the following benefits.

  • Boosts weight loss- Millets the enriched with tryptophan. This is a form of amino acid. The compound keeps you feel full for long. This in the, means less hunger pangs and low intake of calories. Also, millet is rich in fibre. For this reason, less amount of food prepared with organic unpolished Browntop millet can fill the stomach easily.
  • Prevent celiac diseases - Celiac health issue is known to cause damage to intestine and creates obstacles in absorbing nutrients from food. Celiac can be caused by gluten. As millet is gluten free, it is a perfect food for people suffering from celiac.
  • Reduce risks of colon cancer - Millet contains phytonutrients and fibre. The combination of these two compounds can keep colon cancer in check. 
  • Balance blood pressure levels - Magnesium leads to muscle relaxation located in the arterial walls. For this reason, it reduces the high blood pressure levels.  
  • Reduce high blood sugar levels - Millet comes with a low glycemic index. The coral improves insulin sensitivity. Millet controls the sugar levels in blood. For all these reasons, millet is an ideal food item for people suffering with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Beneficial for coronary artery disorders - Regular consumption of food made with millet can be helpful to eyes. It reduces levels of triglyceride in blood. In the process, millet prevents blood clumping. 

Millets are rich in antioxidants. The cereal can slow down the process of muscle degradation. Food items like organic unpolished Kodo millet can ensure sound sleep. Millet is an awesome food item for women because 

  • Improves skin beauty by increasing its elasticity
  • It can can offer relief from menstrual cycle cramps. 
  • It can boost milk production in new mothers

Types of millet:

The popular types of millets consumed across the world are

  • Pearl millet - (Bajra in Hindi, Sajje in Kannada, Sajja in Telugu, Kanbu in Tamil)
  • Proso millet- (Variga in Telugu, Pani Varagu in Tamil, Baragu in Kannada, Chena in Hindi)
  • Foxtail millet - (Kakum in Hindi, Navane in Kannada, Korra in Telugu, Tenai in Tamil)
  • Barnyard millet - (Sanvaam in Hindi, Oodhalu in Kannada, Udhalu in Telugu, Kuthiraivally in Tamil)
  • Browntop millet -
  • Kodo Millet - (Kodan in Hindi, Araka in Kannada, Arikelu in Telugu, Varagu in Tamil)
  • Little Millets - (Kutki in Hindi, Samai in Kannada, Samulu in Telugu, Samai in Tamil)
  • Finger Millet

Uses of millet:

So how to include millet in your daily diet? Millet is used in arid and semi-arid regions vividly. The use dates back to 2000- 1000 BC. Some popular millet recipes are

  • Mango millet lassi
  • Kale frittata with millet crust
  • Banana millet breakfast porridge
  • Toasted millet and pecan granola
  • Moroccan carrot salad with millet
Millet might seem to be an off- beat cereal type. These days these bright yellow grain seeds have become popular because of the above mentioned immense health benefits. If you are health conscious and love taste, millet should be the new name in your grocery list.

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