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Why Baba Ramdev Patanjali Products are Gaining Popularity

Why are Patanjali Products Gaining Popularity?

In recent years Indians have resorted more to the Patanjali products. It has been observed that people are shunning international brands and opting for this Made in India branded products. Why? What is the source of this popularity? Let us check out.


This is the key word for the overwhelming response which Patanjali products have received recently. All its Ayurvedic products are manufactured following the Ayurveda principles. Ayurveda is an ancient form of science. All the products are manufactured using the roots, herbs, leaves and other parts of trees. The unique feature of Patanjali is, the company has its own garden. All the natural ingredients are produced here. After this, all the organic ingredients are blended to form products. So the brand claims that the health and wellness products from the brand heals naturally. Laxmivilas Ras, Badam Pak, Shankh Bhasm, Badam Rogan, Chawanprash and Gulaab Jal are some of the health and wellness products from the brand.


Before Patanjali came into picture, consumers had a conception that organic products are tasteless. This brand has changed the myth. The brand offers a wide range of food products, which taste awesome. Flour, fruit juice, Patanjali biscuits and spices produced under the brand name of Patanjali have their own yummy taste. The products come with the taste of purity. The company is also known to produce spicy and crispy snacks recipe, like moong dal.


Enjoy the fragrance of nature right at your home with Patanjali. The incense sticks (agarbatti/ dhoop) as these are called, are known for the true natural smell. The company has incense with rose, jasmine, loban, sandal and patchouli fragrance.


The brand assures its customers that all the products are produced under hygienic conditions. The workers do not touch the ingredients or the finished products with bare hands.


This is an important factor for the immense popularity of Patanjali products. Generally the beauty products from international brands are charged high. Patanjali offers quality products at lesser price. Patanjali beauty products include Saundarya face wash, coconut hair wash, kesar kanti natural shampoo, moisturiser cream, rose body cleanser, Tejus body lotion and Aloe Vera jel. Ayurveda is always known to be great. These enhance the beauty of hair and skin naturally. If you want to make a natural skin care paste, you have to grind the ingredients and make a paste. It takes lot of time. A Patanjali product is an instant solution. It is known to offer benefits just like homemade products.


People complain that detergents and washing soaps damage the skin. These are harsh on hands. Patanjali claims that its products are soft. These do not cause any harm to the skin. For this reason, people also prefer to use Patanjali baby products. The company has come up with Sishu body care, lotion, hair oil and massage oil for babies.

Patanjali has used Ayurveda to make the life more natural. Pepper, turmeric, coriander now are just not cooking ingredients. These are now a part and parcel of your life, ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Now these products are available at the international markets as well.

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