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Surprise Your loved Ones with these Diwali Gifts

How to Surprise Loved ones this Diwali?

Diwali is a celebration of light, happiness, love, prosperity and most importantly the victory of good over evil. To make it more interesting, people gift memorable, beautiful and lovely gifts as a token of love. So if you are also planning to gift your loved ones here’s few options which will help you to make your Diwali delightful.

Home decoration Items:

Home decoration is a very important part of Diwali. As per rituals, before conducting Lakshmi Ganesh Puja you must clean your home and decorate it with beautiful items like rangoli, jhalar, diya and lights. Rangoli, being a part of home decoration is a very good gift option. This brings positive energy to your home. As per stories if you want to impress Lakshmi Matha you must place rangoli in front of your home door. So definitely when you gift this special item to your friends and family they will understand your love for them. There are multiple rangoli options available in the market like flower shaped rangoli, designer Kundan, peacock shaped, swastika shaped and multi- colored floor rangoli.


Diya or oil lamp is an integral part of this Festival of Lights. It helps to remove the darkness from your home as well as from your life. So gift this amazing item to brighten the life of your relatives and friends. You can choose from a variety of options like star shape hole lamp, diya stand oil lamp, glass lamp, brass pooja diya, peacock brass diya, lord Krishna hanging diya, Tulsi plant oil lamp etc.

Pooja Items:

Agarbathi Holder:

You can also gift the Agarbathi holder as it helps to spread the beautiful adore of Agarbathi in home and creates that much needed divine atmosphere for Diwali pooja.

Kumkum Holder:

Diwali pooja is incomplete without kumkum. Be it Shringar of Goddess Lakshmi or preparing Swastika outside of door it has a very significant role to play. A kumkum holder helps you to keep this propitious ingredient in a safe place and made this easy to use. So this kumkum holder can be an ideal gift for Diwali. It comes in different shape and size. The two most popular among them are the ones with the idol of Ganesh or Littile Krishna. These beautiful idols add more values to theses kumkum holders. Nicely decorated with ornaments, stones and painted with bright colors this kumkum holder will surely bring smiles to the faces of your close ones.

Sweets and Snacks:

Without the taste of sweets and snacks one cannot even imagine about Diwali. Gifting sweets and snacks are very common. As this products are easily available and favorites of children, so people tend to choose this products over others. Among sweets you can gift Soan Papdi, Kaju Barfi, Halwa, Laddu, Gulab Jamun and many more and in Namkeens you can select from Gathiya, Murukku, Puran Poli, Besan sev, Mathri, Namak para etc. Since this products are really hard to resists, so you better buy some extra. You never know you might finish these tasty items even before gifting to your friends.

Other Items:

Statues of Gods:

Pooja of Lakshmi Matha and Ganesh is widely popular across India. During the festival of Diwali everyone tries their best to impress Maa Lakshmi and Ganesh to receive their precious blessings. According to rituals people buy Idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh according to their capacity. For this purpose idols of gold, silver and of other materials are available in market. So if you are planning to impress your special one or your own family member then you can chose from these products and impress them. Beautifully decorated and crafted these idols will surely enhance their festive moods.


Jewelry is very close to a woman’s heart. So if you are planning to impress any female member of your family or special friend then surely this will be the best gift. Be it golden or silver you will definitely impress them. You can also gift a German silver flower shaped bowl with spoon as it’s very much in trend.

So many options right. Now chose aptly and enjoy this wonderful celebration of Life. Happy Diwali!

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