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Top 5 Home Decor to Bring Positive Vibes to Your Home

Home Decor which bring a Positive Vibe at Home

Vaastu plays an important role in today’s home decor. These days you do not choose home furnishings just to give it a gorgeous look but also to bring home a positive vibe. Let us checkout some of the top home decor items which can enhance the beauty and bliss of the residence.

Spiritual Showpieces:

Lord Ganesha, the symbol of luck and prosperity is integral part of Indian vaastu. He is considered to be the remover of obstacles and hence a perfect decor just not at homes but also at offices and in cars. Some of the most popular Ganesha showpieces include brass and crystalline statues, wall hangings, idols studded with diamonds, made with marble and black metal. Want something different? While some of the deities are available in a single colour, others are brightly embellished with stones and exhibit multiple colours. Lord Buddha, the symbol of peace is another symbol of positivity. Just keep a resin Buddha head or a sitting Buddha statue on your office table or a  marble Buddha statue at the entrance for a perfect vaastu look. Kamdhenu cow-calf brass showpiece, Brass Vishnu shankh conch shell, Radha Krishna jhula wall hanging are some other vaastu compatible showpieces.

Clean the statues with soft water and with a cotton cloth.

Wind Chimes:

The soothing sound of hanging bells can create a pleasing atmosphere at your office. As the breeze blows, the brass Swastika hanging bells, Ganesha wall hanging with bells, Lord Krishna  hanging diya with bells or the multicoloured Etikoppaka wooden door hanging with bells creates a beautiful sound and spread positivity at home. It is believed that if wind chimes are placed at the bedroom windows, family fights can be kept at bay.

Clean the door hangings at least once a week with a soft cotton swab.

Wall Hanging or Painting:

Attract success, wealth and prosperity in the lives of all the family members by placing crystal dream catcher, Etikoppaka handmade wooden colourful wall hanging with parrots, neembu mirch meena aluminium metal door hanging and handcrafted Ganesh door wall hanging either at the main door or at the living room. Cheriyal paintings of water and fountains can also create a positive ambience.

Keep the wall hangings and paintings away from water.

Pooja Room:

To bring divinity in the house you must have a pooja room. Designate a room for prayers or meditation; if sparing a room is not possible then keep some space to place a pooja mandir;  keep idols of Gods and Goddesses (black metal Lord Krishna, brass Mahalaxmi idol, Dashvataram idols to name a few) in these pooja temples. Make the space more sacred by lighting incense sticks and decorating it with other pooja accessories like agarbati holders, aarti plates, pooja bells and artificial flower garlands.

The east or north eastern part of the house is considered best for spiritualism.

Oil Lamps:

Attract good luck this year by placing an oil lamp every day near the water pot of the house. Give your home an enlightened lifestyle by replacing candles with diyas which can be illuminated with the help of ghee, butter or vegetable oil using cotton wicks. Some of the popular oil lamps include handmade terracotta hut lamp, glass lamps with lids and brass diyas with star shaped holes. Purchase a Ganesha light holder which spreads a holy aura through the pooja or living room.

Clean the grease and leftover oil from the diyas after every use.

So let your home radiate positive vibes by furnishing the home with the above mentioned home decor. These home decor can also serve as great gifts or return gifts on Diwali, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or housewarming parties.

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