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The Best Websites for Buying Indian Products in America

The Best Websites for Buying Indian Products in America

If somebody were to ask you of the things you miss the most living away from India, you’d probably think of your loved ones and pets, the sights and sounds, the food—all big, important things that you can’t replace.
But what of the small, less important, mostly basic stuff that you don’t need to replace?! I’m talking groceries, your favorite confectioneries and beverages, the cosmetics, the cooking utensils you’ve gotten used to. These aren’t things you’d even realize you miss on a conscious level, but being able to shop Indian products in America can actually help the overall acclimatization process, giving you a sense of the familiar when it’s most needed.

Top Websites Selling Indian Products in America:


Active since July 2000, boasts one of the largest collections of Indian products available for online purchase in the US. It’s also the oldest online Indian store in America. The company has a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience working in Indian food and lifestyle sector, driven to bring you the greatest variety of Indian items in the best and quickest manner possible.
You’ll find staple Indian foods like lentils, Indian vegetables, pickles and chutneys, snacks like frozen samosa and paapad, sumptuous sweets and much more at their website, all at the best price on the market. You can also buy Indian-Chinese sauces and instant noodles (Ching’s Huy, Huy Fong and more), traditional Indian spices along with specialized cooking utensils like roti tawa, dosa tawa and idli cooker! 

Your favorite Indian tea and coffee brands, your favorite shampoo and toothpaste, your favorite health drinks, even incense—it’s all just a click away! The store doesn’t, however, offer free shipping on orders under $109, so it’s best to order in bulk and maybe look into other options if you only require small quantities. 


One of the most popular online stores for Indian products in the US, has an astonishing range of supplies, some of which you wouldn’t even hope to find anyplace other than in India! Ever thought you could order something like cake rusk, dal moth or tandoori naan here in America? Well, now you know you can! Unique Indian handicraft, jewelry items, even Indian apparel for both men and women—you’ll find all this and much more in ziFiti’s lineup of Indian groceries and related supplies. 

You can also shop books and music popular in India, religious objects, even festival specific supplies like Rakhi! And if you can think of some other Indian item least likely to be available in the United States, try ziFity’s search engine¬—there’s a good chance of a pleasant surprise! Note that ZiFiti is an online marketplace that’s also used by sellers other than its affiliates. This online Indian store doesn’t regulate the shipping and handling costs charged by the sellers or take responsibility for things like correctness of order from the sellers.

Indian Grocery:

An online Indian store boasting over 3000 different Indian products from over 200 trusted brands, is one of the best websites to procure your favorite Indian supplies in America at reasonable prices. The store’s lineup includes a wide assortment of confectionary items, both instant and staple food products, religious supplies and more. 

They have an amazing range of gourmet food items and snacks, with products from suppliers like Grand Sweets Chennai, Depot, Pulla Reddy Sweets, Karachi Bakery and other renowned names. If you love Indian cinema, you’re in for a treat! The website has a good collection of Indian movie DVDs, including both new releases and old classics. You can also find some cool gifts for your Indian friends, though the options in this category are somewhat limited, with most of the available products good only for females. 

Grocery on Wheels:

If you’re living in the Bay area, you have the luxury of getting your fill of Indian supplies delivered quick and cheap at your doorstep through Grocery on wheels ( Founded by IT professionals that hated the idea of stepping out for grocery shopping, this here is the ideal solution for all everyone that’s too busy (or too lazy) to step out for something as essential as grocery supplies!
You’ll find a range of fresh fruits and veggies, organic and staple food items, pastes (including coriander chutney, garlic and date paste), coffee, tea and variety of other Indian beverages, together with Indian spices (ajwain, amchur and many more), health and beauty products (Himalaya). Residents of Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose, Union City, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and neighboring areas can avail free same day delivery for orders totaling over $35, with all orders placed before 3 Pm guaranteed to be delivered on the order date itself.
Perhaps the only downside of this incredible online Indian store is their limited reach. Let’s hope they expand their delivery area soon.

Vedicpro USA:

One of the top websites for shopping Indian products in America, guarantees to beat the prices of big-time suppliers like Amazon, Wal-Mart and eBay by a minimum 10 percent! The online Indian store delivers to most locations in the United States, and the orders are mostly processed within a span of 48 hours from payment clearance.
The store’s lineup includes a wide range of popular bakery and namkeen items, dips and spreads (including different types of murabba, rose petal spread), soup mixes (Knorr, MTR, Maggi and more), paan, mouth fresheners along with staple grocery items like lentils, grain, atta and cooking oil. You can also purchase your favorite Indian cookware, incense and fragrances, health and beauty products, all at the most competitive prices. 

The store is America’s best in terms of the quality and variety of Indian herbal, ayurvedic and natural products. But make sure you check their list of delivery locations—they take a little longer (5-7 days) to make deliveries to locations that fall outside of their list of 48 contiguous states. 

Thanks to a number of wonderful online Indian stores that carry all your favorite homegrown products, you can now buy Indian products in America without stepping out your door.

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