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The must have Kitchenware for your Favorite Kitchen

Kitchenware for your Favorite Kitchen

Good food is very near to our hearts and the right kitchenware is a must if you want to keep
yourself and your loved ones happy. In today’s blog let us checkout some of the most essential
and popular kitchenware that should be a part of your dream kitchen.

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Cooking Utensils:

Yes, first and foremost comes the utensils as an inevitable part of your dream kitchen. Any good
cook needs an array of utensils to cook different items; for example, the saucepans to boil milk
and water, tawa to make rotis, pots to make rice, small pans with handles for tempering and
many more.

Utensils can again be sub-divided depending on the metal from which it is made-

Stainless steel utensils are immensely popular in Indian households as these are highly conductive to heat and also can be cleaned easily.

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    Non-stick woks are preferred for frying as the food do not stick at the bottom and are

  • easy to clean.

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    Flat bottomed utensils are used for induction cooktops and these come with a special metallic

    It is always suggested that you get a cooking utensil which has sturdy handles and preferably a
    transparent lid.

    Mixing bowls :

    The second most important kitchenware are the mixing bowls. These are also used for serving
    food in many households. Let us checkout some popular mixing bowls.

    Glass bowls :

    Most of the glass mixing bowls are micro oven safe and hence can be used for
    heating food. These are good looking and serves best as serving bowls.

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    Stainless steel bowls :

    Glass is delicate and hence for rough uses like rinsing vegetables and
    rising bread dough, steel bowls are preferred.


    Who can forget these small but highly needed kitchenware? Be it feeding baby food or measuring
    how much oil you want in the curry, a spoon is an indispensable utility. Depending on shape,
    size and functionality, Indian cutlery can be classified as:


    These spoons are available in various sizes; the largest ones are used for cooking and serving,
    while the table spoons are used for measurement and the tea spoons for mixing items
    (like sugar in tea and salt in curry). Though stainless steel spoons are commonly used,
    if you are using a non-stick pan, go for nylon, silicone or wooden ones to avoid scratches.
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    How to serve that steaming hot liquid or how to punch the fruit properly? The good
    Indian ladles are always at your assistance. Stainless steel ladles are majorly used for the high
    durability; you have ample options to choose from shorter and longer handles.

    Scoopers :

    This is a modern addition to the cutlery section in Indian families. While the large ones
    are generally used to serve rice and make parathas, the smaller ones are used for scooping out
    idlis from the idli-bowls, pulp of fruits and others.  

    Kitchen appliances:

    Last but not the least; any modern household cannot do without the small kitchen appliances.
    This kind of kitchenware may include simple tools like
    • Rolling pin and board- Used to roll out roti; marble, wood and steel are some of the common materials used to make these boards.
    • Pressure cookers- Mostly used for making rice, boiling meat and dal. The whistle of a pressure cooker is quite common in Indian households!
    • Tongs- These rescue cooks from the heat and steam of hot roti.
    • Churner- Mostly used to whisk dal, prepare buttermilk and ghee.
    • Bottle/ tin openers- To open that tight lid of pickle bottles or steel/tin boxes.
    The complex appliances which can make your life easy include-Image result for small kitchen appliances

    • Roti makers- These are electronic devices which can prepare chapati in minutes.
    • Rice cooker- Another electronic device to prepare rice.
    • Spice blenders- To make the masala, which is so needed in Indian cuisines.
    So get the best kitchenware today and let your wings of creative cooking fly high.

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