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A Woman’s best friend – Jewellery

Jewellery is a woman’s best buddy!! Without a doubt, it’s every woman’s dream to adorn with gold, silver and precious Jewellery. To make your dream real, it generally hurts on the pocket. But what if you can glam up at a much lower price? Yes, this is possible with the carefully and detailed intricate carvings and processing of metal pieces like nickel, brass, steel, silver or gold plated and semi-precious stones.Related image

Artificial/Imitation Jewelry

Our rich historic backgrounds pave the way towards those carefully carved and intricate patterns on
the neckpieces or even the tiniest of nose pins to earrings or bracelets. Even though the modern day Indian
girl is ultra-modern, but her ethnic being is inherent in her, and so she will choose to wear these vividly
designed ornaments during the several occasions. With our emerging culture and changing demands of
simple yet stylish Jewellery, metal bangles with sleek ear rings can get you all the attention. If you want
to add that extra style edge a nose-pin can do you that favour. All these ornaments are prepared from
metal pieces which are carefully carved or twisted to produce that detailed pattern and finish like no other!
Artificial or Original
Without any doubt, women prefer artificial Jewellery these days. And the reason is obvious. The artificial
Jewellery comes at a price much lower than the original ones, reason being, it’s made from inexpensive
metals, glasses or gemstones. It not only gives you that stylish edge but also its light weight and allows
to flaunt your collection with ease and comfort.

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Jewelry from the Nation

Our rich cultural diversity gives way to a number of different patterns unique in their own way. Let’s know
about them:
Kundan – You must have worn them and have got them matching for your favourite saris or anarkalis!
But did you know these originated from the Mughal eras? These are meant to be gold or silver stunned
with rubies, diamonds and sapphires. Nowadays these are handcrafted with semi-precious metals and
stones to give you the colour and finish no less than that of a royal Mughal queen! These are generally
sold in matching sets which include necklaces, earrings and bracelets, nowadays also in available for hairpieces.

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Meenakari – Originating from the deserts of Rajasthan, Meenakari is the detailed enamel work on the

undersides. The artisans use colourful materials to embed them on the metal piece to trick your
sight as if many precious stones glittering and dazzling you.

Filigree – It’s handcrafted by the artisans from Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, simply by twisting and carving

metal pieces into intricate and detailed pattern.

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If you want to flaunt your collections and get that extra attention, go and grab those ornaments and
deck up like never before. Be it daily wear like a simple neckpiece and ear stud for your formal
meetings in the office or a cocktail party, you may team up your little dress with sleek yet gorgeous
rings, brooches, watches and many more. The mangal sutras and wedding rings for the married ladies
are also available. Be it a reception or wedding, birthday party or a get-together, you can stun them
with these carefully carved metal pieces! They are just incredible.

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To make you look and feel gorgeous, these versatile metal pieces are simply incredible!

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